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Styku provides DEXA-quality body composition with medical-grade accuracy* and consistency at an affordable price and in a non-invasive experience. It's called Styku Phoenix. Using the latest AI technology, Phoenix can predict your fat mass, bone mass, lean muscle mass, visceral fat and more.

Know where fat is being lost by digitally measuring your waistline and other essential body data.

Precise Body Composition

Extract measurements like waist, hip, thigh,  and much more with less than 1% error.  See the difference in your progress.

Obesity is on the rise - High body fat increases the risks of underlying diseases.

This new technology in just 35 seconds can measure fat, muscle mass, health risks and help you make the lifestyle changes needed to improve the quality of your life.

See your impressive and interactive Before and After.

You'll see every angle of your body turning like you've never seen before, especially the back, zoomed in and wherever you want. 

Bone, Fat, Muscle Mass and more with a simple 3D scan

Each component of your body tells a different story about your lifestyle and the journey to be better. The Styku Phoenix is the only commercial solution of its kind for measuring all three major components. Phoenix provides insights into how your nutrition and fitness programs are impacting bone health, lean muscle growth, and fat loss.

Objective 2D visual overlays.

See exactly where you lost or gained fat.

Fat mass

Most devices only predict total fat mass. We show you the type of fat located on your body and where.

Styku Phoenix tracks in addition to total fat, subcutaneous cordura, as the most dangerous fat, fat between organs (visceral fat) and belly fat (Gynoid and Andriod Fat), is changing over time.

track your progress

Rate body fat and compare results.


Set fat loss goals. Target target dates, knowing the exact day you will reach your goal. We customize Training Frequency and Calorie Deficits.


Estimation of basal metabolic rate and caloric expenditure.​

Digital Report

Set fat loss and calorie consumption goals.

Body fat classification by age/sex

Estimated BMR and calories burned daily.

Customized reports automatically sent to you.


Detailed graphs show changes over time.

Advanced reports include visceral fat, bone mass and more.

Body Composition breaks down your weight and displays your body composition data in organized, easy-to-understand results. The results help you understand where your fat levels, muscles, measurements are and act as a guide to help you reach your goals: whether it's losing a few unwanted pounds or a complete body transformation.

Know the Risks of Obesity-Related Diseases

We assess the risks of the underlying conditions.

Based on WHO WC and WtHR.

We set inch loss (or cm loss) goals according to your waist circumference.


Schedule your FREE Body Composition DEMO at Vida Fit, we'd love to show you how it works. The first 3D Body Composition assessment is included at no additional cost to our members and is available to everyone for $70 per session. Learn more about packages.

  How other methods compare to Styku. Competing products are prone to hydration issues, are invasive, or lack repeatability. Also, Styku shows you where your fat is located on your body. Visualizing progress is much more motivating.

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